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Ciara, Katherine, Simon and Stu go south on Seal - February/March

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The Team at Cape Horn Heading into Puerto Williams
There has been no such thing as a bad day aboard Seal, but today we are making our final passage towards Puerto Williams. We dropped the anchor at lunchtime in a small cove on the north coast of Isla Navarino.

Mid summer snowFour seasons in one day in Tierra del Fuego
We're sitting in a blizzard at anchor in Cta Marciel - a small cove on the island of Hershel about 10 miles north of Cape Horn. Only 30 minutes ago, the sun was out and we sat out in a gentle breeze on deck.

Reaching across the Drake PassageHeading towards Cape Horn
It's our second day at sea and we're making great progress towards Cape Horn.  The wind is blowing steadily from the southwest, increasing occasionally under the snow squalls that push us along even faster.   

Larry the lamb keeping coolFascinating food facts from Ask KO
Kate has been anwering questions from school
children. Here she gives a superb account of
the provisioning arrangements on Seal. In
fact the whole AskKO section is fascinating.

Leopard seal catching a penguinLeopard seal 1 - Penguins 0
It can be very exciting getting ashore in the dingy when there is Leopard seal about.Here in Dorian cove, there is a particularly active seal who has been terrorising the penguin population over the last couple of days.









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