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Ciara, Katherine, Simon and Stu go south on Seal - February/March

Useful Links

In this section we have grouped some websites we have found useful as we researched this trip. We know that a few of our younger followers are doing school projects and many of these sites may be useful for you too. All these sites are independent of us – we are not responsible for any of the views or content of these sites.

Seals official site -


Find out how you can put you own expedition together or join an existing trip on board Seal.

See much more about the yacht, with lots of pictures of her being built, on deck and below.



Australian Government Antarctica Division website


General Antarctica info from an Ozzy point of view. Interesting stuff.





HMS Endurances website


Information about the work of ‘Endurance’, the UK Governments main ship in Antarctica





70 Degrees South


All sorts of Antarctica information, from a wide set of sources.





International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators


The ‘governing body’ of commercial tour operations in Antarctica





British Antarctic Survey's webcams


General site about BAS work in Antarctica.


High lights are the webcams. Watch near live webcam images from BAS Antarctic bases





That’s ‘penguin cam’ in English – we like this too – near live webcam pictures of penguin sites.


See webcam views of nests with eggs and chicks clearly visible (at the right time of year, obviously)


Japanese Government Antarctica site


Hmm. Good site, pity they still actively hunt whales...






Antarctic Treaty Secretariat

About as close as you get to ‘Government’ in Antarctica








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